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Remedy Dog Poisoning

Remedy Dog Poisoning

Chocolate can be like poison for a dog. A stimulant named THEOBROMINE , similar to caffeine, can cause eventual heart and nervous system injury or organ dysfunction. A 10 pound dog would have a toxic reaction to 10 ounces of milk chocolate. SEMI SWEET is twice as toxic as milk chocolate, causing danger to a dog 3-6 pounds that ingest 1 ounce. BAKERS CHOCOLATE is toxic for 1 ounce per 10 pound dog. COCOA BEANS are still stronger being toxic at one ounce ingested per 33 pounds of weight. It is not to be forgotten that chocolate is extremely toxic for your dog.

I met a live victim the other day. A dog named Milo, a fuzzy yellow lab, was diagnosed with pancreatitis. The dogs owners told me that her dog had ingested an entire pound of chocolate. The only clue to the chocolate having been eaten was the empty wrapper under the table, found in not enough time to prevent organ damage do to the high levels of toxicity to the body. There were no symptoms until nearly 24 hours later. Diarrhea and vomiting should be the most common symptom. All they knew to do then was GO TO THE VET. it was the weekend and with no intial symptoms it seemed OK to wait until Monday to see if everything was fine. They should have done two things immediately. There are 2 things that could have turned around the result of this poisoning which caused permanent damage to the pancreas.

In general, if you suspect your dog may have eaten something “BAD”, with the exception of caustic substances such as Bleach or Draino , you may always induce vomiting. Your primary medicine cabinet remedies for poison control are as follows:

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE given 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight, squirted down the throat with a syringe, or soaked into a piece of bread and fed, will induce vomiting, in most cases, within 20 minutes. If there is no vomit occuring the first time, repeat the process and try again, but only once more. If your dog does not vomit then go IMMEDIATELY to the VET. Most often vomiting will resolve many near dangerous situations. A dogs digestive track is much shorter than a humans and is easily vacated if vomiting is induced soon enough. Naturally, if you waited too long, usually more than 2 hours, there will be little vomit visible. LOOK AT THE VOMIT! See what you see. Look closely to see if you see what you thought you would see? Garbage? Plants?

FOLLOW Hydrogen Peroxide with ACTIVATED CHARCOAL CAPS. I have never found an exact dose for the charcoal but it is harmless and can only help. I have successsfully given my dogs that weigh 30 pounds two tabs. Be reminded of how your water filter works. Charcoal is the all absorbing ingredient that filters bad ingredients out of our drinking water. If you introduce charcoal into the digestive system it will absorb toxins very well removing harmful side effects of toxic foods. Don’t hesitate to give your dog CHARCOLA TABS whenever there is even the slightest chance of indigestion or toxicity. This should work extremely well.

So in summary, when in doubt about what your dog ate, or if you are sure it was chocolate, INDUCE VOMITING and FOLLOW with ACTIVATED CHARCOAL tabs.

Go to the vet if you do not see your dog vomit successfully. However, when in doubt, GO TO THE V ET.

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