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How to Choose Gglasses According to Your Face Shape


Choosing sunglasses that fit your face shape completely is not an easy thing, and girls usually fall into great confusion when standing in the glasses store to buy new sunglasses that are distinctive and appropriate.

Whether you are going to shop for eyeglasses for everyday use, or even sunglasses to wear when you go out, it is imperative that you pick them out correctly and that suits your facial features.

Although some shapes may be popular and are considered the trend of the season, and they appear attractive to fashion models in advertisements, there is a great possibility that they will not suit the shape of your face and your features, and will negatively affect your appearance!

How do you choose the best glasses for you? All you have to do is rely on the shape of your face, and discover whether it is round, square, oval or heart-shaped …

And as we are approaching the summer season, today we will give you simple tips on how to choose glasses that suit your facial features

If your face is square :

Finding a suitable frame for people who have a square-shaped face is difficult, because the facial features are usually defined, prominent and very symmetrical, and a certain type of frame may make your facial features harsher.
And the rectangular glasses with dark frames will harmonize your facial features and give you an elegant look, according to Shearer.

If your face is round :

Rectangular, angled glasses help to sharpen your look, accentuate the cheekbones, as well as define the contours of your face if it’s round.

Kopel recommends choosing frames from a specialist in eyewear store with the help of an experienced optometrist.

It is important to try several types of eyeglasses to find the perfect shape that suits your face. And when the frame fits on your face, this encourages you to wear glasses throughout the day, which in turn improves your eyesight.

If you have a prominent jaw line :

People with a prominent jaw line, such as Victoria Beckham, Hillary Swank, and Olivia Wilde, can wear aviator sunglasses, as this type of glasses fits their faces.

And aviator-style sunglasses, or any sunglasses with a curved shape, soften the jaw lines, create more balance and distract focus on this area, says Scherer.

If your face is oval :

Apparel and appearance coordinator and personal shopper Dina Shearer says that any type of glasses suits this face shape, due to the balance between the forehead, cheeks and chin, which is characteristic of an oval face. Like Salma Hayek, Julianne Moore, Kate Middleton and Jessica Alba who have an oval face, you can also wear oversized glasses.

If you have a wide forehead :

Tyra Punk, Rihanna, and Christina Ricci all have big cheeks, so they always wear big glasses. Shearer advises owners of a broad forehead to “distract attention by drawing attention to other details on your face. Thanks to the oversized glasses, most of the focus will be on your eye area and it will become the dominant area of ​​the face.”

If you have a little face :

A small face is the most difficult face shape when it comes to choosing the right frames, as standard-sized glasses can mask your facial features.

Studi says small sunglasses should be bought. But if this type of glasses is not available, try framed or rounded ones.

 If your face is in the shape of a heart :

This shape is ideal for a woman’s face. Celebrities who own this face include Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Claudia Schiffer, and Naomi Campbell. Its main disadvantage, however, is that many sunglasses are able to cover its features. That is why experts recommend choosing classic and simple glasses.

As for Wes Studi, founder of Article One, a company that specializes in selling modern eyeglasses, he says, “You should choose glasses that are round and slightly curved. Cat eye glasses are also a good choice for women who have a heart-shaped face.”

This face is characterized by the front prominent forehead compared to the rest of the face, so it is preferable to choose square and rectangular glasses, and large-sized glasses above the eyebrows, to try to reduce the forehead, and this face does not suit the small-shaped glasses because it highlights the shape of the forehead.

If you have a face with sharp corners :

Most of the models try to have angles in their faces, which makes them photographically attractive. But these salient features may translate differently in everyday life. “You can make the corners of your face appear more pronounced with metal frames with sharp corners, or opt for curved-framed glasses to reduce the sharpness of the corners a little,” said Shearer.

Diamond face :

Diamond faces feature a defined chin. It has large cheekbones, so it is perfectly suited to the shape of the small frames that highlight its features.

To determine the shape and type of your external face, stand in front of a mirror at home straight and touch the glass, then with a pen or lipstick, outline your face on the mirror, and the result will appear.

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