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Top Halloween make-up Ideas

halloween-makeup ideas

Every year the world celebrates Halloween, or the famous American Halloween, and one of the most prominent scenes that we see on that day is people walking in the streets wearing scary clothes as a kind of celebration ritual. Halloween has a specific makeup method, so whoever participates often thinks about the latest fashion in fancy clothes and chooses makeup to suit this day, and there are many ideas for Halloween makeup, including delicate, frightening, or even exciting, and you can participate in the celebration of Halloween, without the need for fancy dress, Makeup can suffice.


Halloween makeup, some of it is complicated and requires special preparations for it, and some of it is easy and fast, and it only requires make-up products that you definitely find in the special bag. Today we will teach you an easy way to apply Halloween makeup in 10 minutes, by implementing the funny mouth shape, and the evil character Luke.

Halloween fairy makeup

dark fairy halloween makeup

Although most women try to pick up scary costumes, not all girls want their appearance to spook others. Therefore, a fairy is a frequent visitor to Halloween parties.

Mermaid  makeup


Girls love to experiment with the image of a mermaid, because these creatures have always been fascinated by their beauty. To create an amazing costume (i.e. fishtail) you will have to turn to seamstresses or clothing for assistance. But you can do the right mermaid makeup for Halloween on your own if you take into account all the important nuances.

This Halloween makeup is perfect for any girl! You can experiment with flowers, embellishments and other decorating details.


Halloween makeup steps:

1- Use a different foundation shade than you are used to, so choose a lighter shade.

2- Use a light foundation shade that you are used to always using on your skin.

3- Drawing eyebrows is one of the most important steps in Halloween makeup, and you should pay attention to dense drawings and stay away as much as possible from thin eyebrows.

4- Define the eyes with black color and combine more than one color with black, but focus more on brown and black tones.

5- Make sure to use suitable colors of lipstick for this look, black color is preferred with its white layout.

6- Drawing on the nose is very important, draw black and brown on the eyebrows and nose as well, this step is important because it increases the details in the look.

7- The shape of the nose increases the sharpness of the look, then drawing around the eyebrows and the chest to increase the details in the look and increase its intensity.

How to do Halloween makeup for a funny mouth:

Halloween makeup for a funny mouth

  • Apply red eyeshadow to your eyes and blend it well into the fixed eyelid, and you can also apply another color of your choice.
  • Use a red or matte lipstick and apply it to the upper lip.
  • Use a highlighter or white foundation and apply it to the lower lip, then set it with a white powder or translucent powder.
  • Use a thin lip brush, and carefully draw a red line from the lower lip to the middle of the chin.
  • Connect the two lines to each other, and color the gap created by the two lines, red.
  • Use a fine brush, and paint on the lower lip with black eyeshadow, fine lines in the form of teeth.

How to do Halloween makeup for an evil character:


  • Use a blending brush and apply black eyeshadow on your eyes, and do not be afraid to apply it even on a fixed eyelid, to give your eyes a border and an drawn look.
  • Define your eyes with a bold, sharp eye liner. For an easy way to draw eyeliner, use a pencil to apply it, especially if you are just starting out with makeup.
  • Apply black eyeshadow to the lower lash line down to the teardrop.
  • Apply the eyelashes.
  • Apply the black pencil inside the eye.
  • Use a black pen or black lipstick on your lips if you have them, to ensure a sharp and distinctive look.
  • Use a red lip balm, and draw lines from the teardrops, down to the cheek, in a teardrop shape. Repeat these steps for the second eye, starting from the corner of the eye and down to the cheek.

The following tips will help you create a beautiful Halloween makeup:

tips will help you create a beautiful Halloween makeup

  • The skin of the face should be completely even. There is no preferred shade, as these magical creatures can be both smooth and dark-skinned.
  • The color scheme depends on the color of your hair. For blondes, metallic and delicate, pastel shades are suitable – soft green, soft blue. Owners of dark hair will suit bright, saturated colors. On red-haired girls and women of brown, light blue and emerald shades will look perfect.
  • You can give the eyes a rectangular shape.
  • Also in this image eyelashes or mascara in bright rainbow colors will look good.
  • On the face, draw eyeliner or use face paint with patterns (smooth smooth lines, flowers, leaves).
  • Lipstick should take berry shades.
  • A light flowing dress and multi-colored mini wings will complement the makeup.

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