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8 Ways to Diminish The Appearance of Upper Lip Hair

how to diminish upper lip hair

Women face the problem of excessive hair growth in different parts of the body, and this stage begins with the change and increase of hormones, and hair begins to grow in unwanted places such as the area above the lips or the so-called mustache. It is removed in various ways to keep the skin looking fresh and clean.

Excess hair on the lips is an annoying problem that all women face, which prompts us to remove it completely and maintain a vibrant, attractive appearance to the skin, and also increases women’s self-confidence. Most women need to visit beauty salons to remove this excess hair once or twice a month, but for some of us, the rate of excess facial hair growth may increase due to many factors, which are divided between hormonal factors or genetic reasons. An imbalance of some hormones in the body, the most important of which is testosterone or the male hormone, may lead to acne and facial hair growth at a faster rate.
There are several basic techniques that are used to remove excess facial hair.
In this article, we will learn about some of the different ways to remove hair from this area easily.

The best 8 ways to remove hair over the lips: 

First method: remove the hair above the lips using a thread

It is the most popular traditional method that relies on the use of cotton thread to remove hair over the lips. This method delays hair growth for a longer period.

This method requires holding the strand with a specific technique between the fingers and pulling the hair at the roots. Which often requires going to a specialized beauty center. Threading the excess hair over the lips helps to get rid of unwanted hair in this area from its roots, which helps exfoliate the skin in that area.

 The second method: hair removal using wax

Wax is used to remove hair over the lips, a method that was recently developed from the traditional threading method. Its basic idea is to apply hot wax on the mustache area or above the lips and then remove it with a quick movement, which removes the hair from its roots and gives the area freshness and cleanliness, in addition to this method helps to get rid of dead skin and scales.

But it is not recommended to use this method on sensitive skin, as it may cause skin swelling and redness, in addition to the pain that may accompany using this method.

The third method: hair removal using a female razor

The feminine blade is used to remove hair over the lips simply and easily, in just a few minutes. But despite the ease and simplicity of this method, it is not considered the best way to get rid of hair, and this is because the blade does not remove hair from its roots, but it does amputate the hair and thus the end result is not completely satisfactory, in addition to the possibility of injury or wound in the area as a result of using Blade, darkening of the area with frequent use.

Fourth method: hair removal using tweezers

Tweezers are a very effective and inexpensive method used to remove facial hair, and they work differently from shaving; It removes the hair from the root, and you need to repeat this method within a period of three weeks to eight, and some steps must be committed before starting to remove the hair above the lips using tweezers, as the face must be cleaned well using a warm piece of cloth in order to obtain Smooth skin, then determine the hair to be removed, and tighten the skin in order to capture the hair, and the hair must be pulled with the direction of growth, and slight pain can be felt, and this pain is removed by applying ice to the lips in order to reduce inflammation and redness, and the forceps must be disinfected With alcohol before using it.

 Fifth method: hair removal using creams

You can also resort to using hair removal creams, by putting a little ointment on the area that you want to get rid of and removing the hair in it, then passing a cotton ball soaked in water to moisturize it and prevent its drying and peeling.

Sixth method: hair removal using sweetness

The Halawa method is also one of the traditional methods that was used a lot in the past and is still used today. It is very similar to the wax method, but it depends on sugar and lemon.

Using sweetness may be a painful method, but it is an easy and fast way, especially in the mustache area, as it is also used to remove excess hair from all parts of the body. This method is distinguished by that it removes hair from the roots and gives you a sense of cleanliness, as it exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin as well.

The seventh method: remove hair with home IPL hair removal devices

Using home IPL hair removal devices guarantees long-lasting lip hair removal, up to 6 months. IPL hair removal method is one of the most effective hair removal methods compared to other methods. The device is designed to contain several attachments to fit the curves of the body. The facial attachment has been designed with a flat window to be used precisely on the upper lip, chin or jaw line, to treat facial hair gently and effectively at the same time. The attachment features an additional built-in filter, and when added to the device the light treatment is automatically adjusted to be suitable for treating unwanted facial hair. This device can be considered as the easiest and safest way to remove a mustache at home for women.

 Eighth method: hair removal using laser

Many women suffer from temporary hair removal results, so they look for the most important methods that provide long-term results, the most important of which is laser, and this method is used by damaging hair follicles, which contributes to hair loss, but this solution is not permanent, but semi-permanent, It requires a specialist to implement it, and it is also very expensive.

And recently, laser became the best solution for many. However, there are different laws for removing hair in the area above the lips, due to the softness and sensitivity of this area, and the impossibility of using some means.

After knowing many different ways to remove hair over the lips, you can now choose the most appropriate and safe way to be among the aforementioned methods, but what you need to know and whatever the method you choose, clean your face well before starting the process, and sit in a bright place to allow you to eliminate On all bristles.

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