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6 decorative ideas for a mountain chalet atmosphere

decorative ideas for a mountain chalet atmosphere

The great outdoors, the snow, the breathtaking landscapes, the evenings by the fireside… you love spending your holidays in the mountains. Nostalgic for this atmosphere throughout the year, you have decided to bring this mountain chalet spirit home with you in order to recreate the atmosphere you love so much. How to create a mountain chalet atmosphere? What are the mountain chalet decor trends? Wooden furniture, fur on the sofa, a fireplace in the middle of the living room, follow the guide to find a mountain air in your home.

To face winter gently, create a universe with a chic and cozy interior decoration with the look of a mountain chalet.

Bring the mountains to your home to enjoy a chalet-style interior all year round. Let yourself be seduced by our 6 inspirations for a trendy and natural decor!


1. Abusing wood: the essential material
For a successful interior decoration in the chalet spirit, do not hesitate to abuse the flagship material: wood. From floor to ceiling, including walls and furniture, it is present everywhere in a chalet. It warms up the atmosphere to create a cozy, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

interior decoration in the chalet spirit

interior decoration in the chalet spirit

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