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10 Things Your Cat Hates

Cats, despite the fact that they have lived next to humans for a long time, are still not fully domesticated. Previously, cats were bred to rid the house of mice and rats. They weren’t even fed. They lived their own lives, which did not in any way intersect with the lives of the owners. But gradually the cat became closer to people (or people closer to her). Now many animals live in city apartments, and they don’t even know about the existence of mice. The person, in turn, does everything to keep the pet healthy, cheerful, and give him moments of happiness. Cats are not only fed, but also entertained, walk on a leash, try to communicate with them. But often the owners of the animal do not assume that all this is absolutely not to the liking of the little predator. We’ve put together a list of 10 things your cat hates.

1- When she is photographed

cats photographed

Of course, the cat owner wants to capture their treasure from different angles. But the cat will most likely be against it. First, she doesn’t like the shutter sound. A sharp click can scare your pet. Secondly, the animal is afraid of the flash. A cat’s retina is very sensitive. The bright light is unpleasant to the eyes. It is enough to photograph the animal a couple of times and the next time, seeing the camera, the cat will run away from you. If you photograph her without flash and sound, but she is still against it, then she does not like your obsession. You interfere with her doing her business, and at the same time wave some incomprehensible thing in front of her.

2- When held like a child

cat yeld like a child

Some cats are quite friendly towards their owners. They allow them to stroke and caress themselves, sit on their knees. There are even those who themselves ask for hands. But in no case should a cat be kept like a child. She hates this position. In it, the cat feels defenseless. You need to take the cat in your arms as follows: with one hand, support it under the belly, and with the other, grab the hind legs and body. Then the animal will sit on one hand, and you will hold it with the other.

3- When trying to give medicine

cat take medecine

Even people do not like to take medicines, let alone animals. Moreover, they do not understand why the owner is trying to feed them some muck. The cat may think you are trying to poison it. But one way or another, the medicine must be given. For an animal, this is a lot of stress, an unpleasant taste, plus human violence. To avoid this, it is worth learning how to give the medicine correctly. You can consult a veterinarian, you can watch a video on the Internet. The main thing in this process is calmness. Don’t yell at your cat if it resists. Do not grab her roughly, open your mouth with force, and even more so beat her. After the medicine is eaten, praise the cat, calm it down, pet it.

4- When they look her straight in the eye

Many people know that cats cannot bear direct eye-to-eye gaze. But few people know why. There are two points of view here. Scientists justify this by the fact that cats and humans have different eye structures. A cat does not need to focus on it to see an object. She already sees everything perfectly, unlike a person. Therefore, she does not understand why they look at her that way, and her reaction may be inadequate. Another explanation for why cats do not like to be looked into the eyes is a protective reflex. In nature, cats look into the eyes of the enemy when a danger arises. It is worth looking away, and an attack follows. So yard cats look at each other for a long time and without blinking. Therefore, do not provoke your cat to attack, do not look her directly in the eyes.

5- When they meow back

Cats communicate with each other not by meowing. This sound was invented especially for people. Meowing, the animal seems to be talking about what it needs. Perhaps the cat has no food, water, it’s time to change the litter in the toilet. She can also signal if something hurts. But the cat doesn’t expect you to meow back. She will perceive your meowing as a signal that draws her attention to something. She will understand it this way: “A person wants to receive something from me. But what then? “ The cat will never be able to figure out what you want from her. It might make her angry.

6- When she is dressed

Some cat owners love to dress them up in different outfits. They buy them special “cat clothes” or even sew themselves. But the cat does not at all share their delight. She will be unhappy even in the process of dressing. Even if you managed to pull a sweater or dress over her, she will try to remove the interfering thing. Animals do not tolerate when something rubs against their fur. They don’t need clothes. It interferes with full movement and causes discomfort. If this doesn’t bother you, and you still want to dress up your pet, make sure that the clothes do not hinder movement. But do not forget: by such actions you incur the anger of your pet.

7- When they try to wash

If you throw a cat into a river, it will float. Yes, the animal is not afraid of water at all, but water procedures. When you bathe your cat, you force it. She will perceive bathing as violence against herself. This animal is very freedom-loving, and will try with all its might to escape. In addition, they do not tolerate soaps and gels that loving owners generously add to water. For a pet, nothing is a pity. And if they also pour it from a shower or a ladle, then the cat will definitely go berserk. Water jets feel similar to impacts. For her, this is a signal to flee. In addition, washing leads to hypothermia of the skin. The cat dries for a long time, and the wool serves as a heat insulator for it.

8- When fed with milk

cat fed with milk

It has long been customary to treat pets with milk. Most people are still confident that cats are crazy about this treat. Many cats are lactose intolerant. They are unable to digest the sugar in milk. This leads to problems with the animal’s digestive system. There is a risk of diarrhea, abdominal pain. This can take up to 10 hours. But if you give your cat milk, she is unlikely to refuse it. Therefore, you should not risk your pet’s health. You must monitor its proper nutrition.

9- When she’s ignored

If the owners ignore the animal, it will most likely begin to attract attention in not very pleasant ways. A puddle in the living room on the carpet, a scratched door, an overturned flower. This is not all that a cat is capable of to draw attention to itself. Don’t ignore your pet. Your cat needs water, food, and a clean litter box. Leave it to her. In addition, the animal, despite its freedom-loving nature, needs communication and affection. But don’t overdo it, cats don’t like too much attention. Everything is simple here: when a cat asks for attention, give it at least a couple of minutes. But if the cat is asleep or busy with other things, do not cuddle and caress her.

10- When she gets a girlfriend

Cat owners often worry that when they are at work, their pet is lonely and sad. Many people decide to have a girlfriend for their cat. But these are territorial animals. Your cat will perceive an outsider on its territory as a rival. Cats will have to fight each other for food, toys, your attention, even if there is plenty of it. If you decide to have a second animal, remember: cats cannot stand competition and you will have to wait a long time for them to make friends.

Now you know what your cat doesn’t like. Follow these rules, and then your furry pet will feel even more comfortable with you.

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