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10 Mistakes All Cat Owners Should Stop Making

Even the most experienced cat owners sometimes make very gross mistakes in caring for their pets. In addition to putting up with the discomfort of our mishandling of animals, our actions can result in poor pet behavior.

1. Refuse castration and sterilization

Above – an X-ray of a pregnant cat, below – a castrated cat.

In most cases, these procedures have a positive effect on the body of pets. The risk of breast cancer is reduced in cats, and testicular cancer in cats. In addition, neutered cats are less likely to run away from home and show aggression.

2. Bathe your pet

bathe your cat

Even dogs are often nervous when bathed. Cats, on the other hand, practically do not need washing: they regularly wash and clean themselves. If the animal is very dirty, then it should only be gently wiped off with a damp towel. On the rare occasion that bathing is really necessary, try to limit yourself to washing only the contaminated area, not the entire animal.

3. Use only dry food

Dry food is just a snack. The animal cannot satisfy their hunger. The diet must also contain wet food, which should be given several times a day in small portions. At the same time, you should not completely abandon dry food, since the cat must snack during the day.

4. Ignore the visit to the veterinarian

Even domestic cats that have never been outside should be vaccinated. The presence of an animal within four walls does not at all guarantee that a furry pet will not be infected with anything. Every six months it is worth showing the cat to the veterinarian and vaccinating.

5. Leave plants in the cat’s reach

Some of the houseplants are toxic to pets. Since cats love to taste flowers, it’s worth making sure in advance that the varieties in your home flora are safe for your fauna. Among the most toxic plants for cats are azalea, daffodil, aloe, begonias, calla lilies and ficus.

6. Scold for bad behavior

More often than not, bad cat behavior is just a way to fix the problem. The animal scratches furniture if it doesn’t like the scratching post or if it is in the wrong place. Cats bite and scratch if they are not accustomed to playing with people correctly or if they see you as a threat.

If the cat does “his business” outside the litter box, then she may have health problems or she is not satisfied with the litter box. If you scold and poke your nose for this, the only thing you will achieve is that the animal will start to fear you and become nervous and irritable.

7. Buying a cat for a small child

Children should not be left alone with cats. The kid can injure the animal. In addition, loud and harsh sounds scare cats, and they can become aggressive. If a small pet appears in the family, always be there while the children play with it.

8. Ignore feline solitude

Just as a person needs personal space, so a cat needs to have a place where it feels comfortable and safe. The animal needs shelter even inside your home, where the pet will have the opportunity to hide and sleep peacefully.

9. Give milk

give milk to cat

Kittens need breast milk. If for some reason they are deprived of it, it is permissible to replace it with special mixtures from a veterinary pharmacy, goat milk and 10% cream. However, in adolescence, the body is reorganized, animals produce less of the enzyme necessary for the full assimilation of milk, and in adults even lactose intolerance appears.

10. Remove claws

cat clown

In many countries, claw removal is already prohibited by law as inhumane. During the operation, the animal is not simply cut out its claws, but the whole phalanx of the fingers is amputated. Subsequently, the cat will experience severe pain in the paws when moving.

Have you made any of these mistakes? Want to add something else to our list?

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